Suggestions for Volunteer Oportunities

The Chicago Deskset has a few projects in the works and we would like your input! We are in the planning stages of a bimonthly series of volunteer opportunities at non-profits in the Chicagoland area. Do you know of an organization (literacy based or libraryish type) that may accommodate a small group of volunteers for a few hours on a weekend afternoon? Let us know! We want to explore as many opportunities as possible, so any suggestions (even if you’re not sure of the feasibility!) would be appreciated. You can leave a comment here or email us at Thank you!

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4 Responses to “Suggestions for Volunteer Oportunities”

  • Comment from Lauren

    I have *absolutely* no idea for literacy or libraryish places to volunteer…I’m elbows-deep in brittle paper, but I would be happy to help at any literacy or library organization.

    There are also a bunch of archives in the area that could use some serious help. I don’t know how far out we want to get, but that might be worth a consideration.

  • Comment from Amanda R

    Chicago Books to Women in Prison
    They pack on Sundays and take volunteer groups. From what I recall, they are extra appreciative of groups that bring packing supplies with them (tape, paper, markets, etc.).

    Jane Addams Hull House Association
    There are long term volunteer opportunities as well as one-off large group opportunities. Check with Mark Tisdahl for group sessions. His number is 312-235-5379.

    One Brick
    Not sure if they have any literacy/library specific events coming up, but they may in the future.

  • Comment from Heather2010

    Hi Lauren! Thanks for the archives suggestion! We’ll add it to the list of possibilities to look into.

  • Comment from Heather2010

    Hi Amanda! Awesome suggestions. We didn’t have One Brick on our list, so we’ll definitely take a look at them! Thanks!

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